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Real estate | 5 seductive tips for the sale of your property


5 tips for the sale of your property - Key informations

The sale of a condo, house or plex is an important step for anyone and requires preparation. Indeed, a property must be well prepared for sale in order to arouse any interest: the first impression counts. After all, buying a property often goes through a lightning bolt or falling in love with different characteristics of the latter.

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day and the current real estate bustle, our team got together and spoke with the Metro Journal to establish 6 practical tips essential to seduce potential buyers. These tips have the specific purpose of achieving the desired effect, namely the sale of the property. To discover these 6 tips, consult the Petit Guide de Séduction immobilière.

In order to further entice potential buyers when visiting your property, we have established 5 additional tips. Here is their overview:

Practical tips for the sale of your property

1. Clean up the property

Cleanliness is an important determinant in the success of selling your property. A clean property is more attractive. Every room should be carefully cleaned. You have to be sure to empty the garbage cans, clean the floors, make the beds and dust the furniture. Closets are not to be neglected either, as potential buyers could be curious and open them during visits.

In a property, the kitchen and bathroom are rooms where extra attention should be paid. These pieces are naturally more ‘combed’ because of their utilitarian character and must then be immaculately clean.

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2. Depersonalize spaces

To seduce a buyer is also to make sure that he/she can imagine living in said property. Depersonalization is essential and refers to removing elements that may harm the sense of belonging of the potential buyer. For example, remove family photos or travel souvenir frames from walls. Your clothes or shoes should not be lying around the property either. It is then important to create a neutral environment where the buyer will be comfortable and ‘feel at home’.

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3. Focus on home staging

Home staging is a method to improve the ergonomics and aesthetics of a room. This technique includes moving furniture, adding decorative elements to the room or rearranging the entire space to make it more welcoming. Your real estate broker has the knowledge in this area and can help you to carry out an efficient and attractive home staging for the buyer. Don’t hesitate to ask your real estate broker for advice!

4. Offer a haven of serenity

The seduction of a buyer also depends on the calm he can experience during his/her visit. Make sure the windows are properly closed, the radio is turned off and your neighbors are not undergoing major renovations. A calm environment inspires trust and is then much more seller for a buyer.

5. Have your pets looked after

Pets are very cute, but they can sometimes create unfortunate situations. For example, during visits, a potential buyer may be uncomfortable with the presence of an animal or even allergic. Whenever possible, keep your pet with a loved one or bring it with you during visits to avoid unpleasant situations.

With these 5 handy tips for selling your property, the seduction of your buyers is almost guaranteed. It is now the turn of the expertise of your real estate broker to ensure his/her love at first sight!

Our team has established 5 practical tips to seduce potential buyers during the sale of his property: do the big cleaning, depersonalize the spaces, bet on elements of home staging, provide a tranquil environment and if you have pets, if possible, have them kept. For tips inspired by Valentine’s Day, we invite you to read our article published in the Metro Journal!

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