Courtier Immobilier Montréal Yanick E Sarrazin

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Marketing Intern

From a young age, BiBi, Yanick’s accomplice, takes ownership of the YE/SARRAZIN workspace. A specialist in napping under desks, a shoe thief, and an expert in Montreal parks, BiBi has demonstrated determination in her daily activities.

At the age of 2, she officially joins the organization as an intern. We are convinced that she has the required qualities to contribute to the success of YE/Sarrazin. Her enthusiasm when welcoming you to the office highlights her interpersonal skills. Her thoughtful and personalized approach demonstrates her emotional intelligence. She also possesses distinct listening ability and communication skills that can be noticed from your first encounter.

Finally, she shows rigor during the organization’s weekly meetings, ensuring that deadlines (for snack time) are adhered to! YE/SARRAZIN is proud of their recruit and is confident that BiBi will exceed all your expectations!

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