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At Piko Microsaucerie, a spicy neighborhood discovery

At Piko EN Montreal

At Piko Microsaucerie - Key informations

Piko Microsaucerie 🌶

Microsaucerie, is that a term that rings a bell? If not, we are about to introduce you to a unique place where flavours, discoveries and spices are in the spotlight. Chez Piko Microsaucerie is located on Duluth Street, a few steps from our offices. The business, which has been open for almost a year now, is the brainchild of its owners JP and Val, both of whom are passionate about the complex, yet balanced flavors that spicy foods and especially hot sauces have to offer!

les propriétaires chez PIKO

Purely Québécois creations

Made in the Mile-End, their artisanal creations allow curious palates to discover the various subtleties and the surprising world of hot peppers thanks to their numerous sauces, each one more original than the next. The Golden Ninja with its exotic pineapple flavour, the Habs X-tra spicy or the Tipico Chipote, the 100% vegan hot sauces from the Quebec company will impress you with their unique flavours.

Approved by the YE/Sarrazin team

A lover of world cuisine and spicy food, our marketing director, Veronica, was really pleased to discover this small business with a cool and original branding. Soup, pizza, simmered dishes, Veronica loves to spice up her daily meals with a few drops of Piko sauce! In fact, she stocked up on her favorites to introduce our team of real estate brokers to the tasty Piko recipes.  Her recommendation: the extra spicy Wicked Smart Calypso !

Veronica chez PIKO

In fact, it is Piko, the owners’ cat, who is the effigy of the brand! As adorable in person as in image, Piko is described by Val and JP as their main accomplice and, let’s face it, a perfect mascot!

Having started their own hydroponic cultivation of peppers, the owners are busy combining flavors and making unique recipes to share their passion with the Plateau Mont-Royal community!

A great address to discover to spice up your daily life!

The Microsaucerie chez Piko is located at 367 Duluth E, Montreal.

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