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5 activities to do in Montreal this winter

5 activites to do in Montreal this winter

5 activities to do in Montreal this winter - Key Information

Montreal is a dynamic city where numerous activities take place throughout the year. Winter is the perfect season to enjoy the unique delights offered by the Quebec metropolis. As seasoned experts in Montreal life, our real estate brokers have curated a selection of 5 must-try activities for this winter.

1. Experience a night at Igloofest

Igloofest in Montreal is an annual winter electronic music festival. Established in 2007, this one-of-a-kind event draws thousands of people who brave the cold winter temperatures to enjoy outdoor electronic music. The diverse lineup attracts renowned DJs.

One of the most characteristic aspects of Igloofest is the creativity displayed by participants in their attire. Full-body suits, unique hats, and luminous clothing are common, contributing to a playful and colorful atmosphere.

Participants can dance under the stars, surrounded by ice sculptures and a festive ambiance, making this event a memorable experience.

The Igloofest festival takes place from January 18 to February 10, 2024, in Old Montreal. Discover the program here.

2. Discover Montréal en Lumière

Founded in 2000, the Montréal en Lumière festival is an annual event celebrating winter, gastronomy, and the arts. As the name suggests, light is at the heart of the festival. Luminous artistic installations transform the city into a magical spectacle.

The artistic component of the festival offers a diverse program of shows, concerts, and performances by local and international artists.

Gastronomy is also central to this festival, with chefs participating in demonstrations and culinary tastings.

Taking place on March 2, 2024, Nuit Blanche is a not-to-be-missed event of the festival! During this night, a multitude of free activities, ranging from museums to galleries, street performances, and artistic projections, are offered. It’s worth noting that the Montreal metro is open and free all night. It’s truly a night when the city doesn’t sleep. An experience to live!

The Montréal en Lumière festival takes place from February 29 to March 10, 2024, in the Quartier des Spectacles. Discover the program here.

3. Go for an outdoor skating session

Whether you are a seasoned skater or an enthusiastic beginner, the Quebec metropolis boasts an impressive network of 225 skating rinks scattered throughout its diverse neighborhoods.

Some of these rinks are nestled in the heart of picturesque parks, creating a peaceful and natural atmosphere for gliding on ice. Others are located within dynamic recreational complexes, offering modern facilities and a lively ambiance.

As connoisseurs of Montreal’s neighborhoods, our real estate brokers have compiled a list of their favorite rinks. Explore these icy gems in our article Our 9 Favorite Outdoor Skating Rinks in Montreal.

4. Put-on your cross-country skis

Montreal boasts over 200 km of groomed trails for cross-country skiing. Many Montreal parks provide opportunities to hone your skills in this sport. With 22 km of groomed tracks, Mount Royal Park is the place to challenge yourself. To improve, paid lessons are also offered for both adults and children.

With its mature trees and enchanting surroundings, La Fontaine Park provides the perfect setting for a cross-country skiing session. The park offers two cross-country ski trails, each 3.9 km in length.

For beginners, Jarry Park offers a flat 2.1 km course, providing an ideal space to start cross-country skiing or engage in the sport with family.

Curious about whether a cross-country ski trail is near you? Look at this list.

5. Explore the best cafés in Montreal

Throughout the diverse neighborhoods of the city, coffee options abound, leaving pedestrians with an abundance of choices to satisfy their caffeine preferences. On a snowy winter day, why not explore the best cafés in Montreal?

To facilitate this gourmet adventure, we recommend reading our article Escape the Cold: Cafés to Warm Up This Winter in Montreal, where you’ll find a carefully curated selection of the best places to enjoy a comforting cup amidst Montreal’s winter.

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