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Escape the Cold: Cafés to Warm Up This Winter in Montreal

Cafés to warm up this winter

Cafés to warm up this winter -Key Information

When the bone-chilling winter temperatures settle in Montreal, nothing beats the comfort of a warm cup of coffee to shield oneself from the biting cold. In this lively metropolis, cafes are not just caffeine refueling stations but also havens of warmth where one can savor a comforting beverage while escaping the icy wind. Our real estate brokers present their selection of 7 must-visit cafes in different neighborhoods in Montreal, where the cozy atmosphere and exquisite flavors promise you a memorable winter getaway.

1. Café Myriade - The Plateau-Mont-Royal

The Café Myriade in the Plateau-Mont-Royal is a true institution of the neighborhood, offering a unique coffee experience in a warm and welcoming setting. This establishment has been captivating discerning coffee enthusiasts for many years.

Upon stepping through the doors of Café Myriade, one is enveloped by the enchanting aroma of freshly ground coffee. The atmosphere is friendly, with comfortable spaces conducive to relaxation or gatherings with friends. The baristas, true coffee artisans, strive to create exceptional drinks, showcasing carefully selected coffee beans.

The coffee offerings at Café Myriade are extensive, ranging from lattes to espressos and cappuccinos. Coffee enthusiasts can also indulge in delicious artisanal pastries that complement their favorite beverage perfectly.

In addition to the quality of coffee, Café Myriade stands out for its commitment to the local community. It has become an essential meeting place, attracting both neighborhood residents and passing visitors. Whether seeking a moment of tranquility with a laptop or engaging in lively discussions with friends, Café Myriade provides the ideal space to enjoy a delightful coffee in the heart of the Plateau.

2. Paquebot Café - Rosemont- La Petite-Patrie

In 2015, Paquebot Café inaugurated its first establishment on Bélanger Street in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, proudly claiming to be the pioneer in Montreal for offering cold-infused coffee. The quality of customer service and the diversity of products make this place extremely popular.

With spacious tables available, the space is perfect for meetings, studying, or warming up with a delicious coffee. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a wide variety of sandwiches and pastries. A must-try in Petite-Patrie!

Currently, Paquebot Café has three other branches, including one on Mont-Royal in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, another on Saint-Laurent Street in Old Montreal, and a seaside branch in Gaspé. This geographical expansion attests to the continued success of Paquebot Café and its ability to adapt to the varied tastes and preferences of coffee enthusiasts.

3. Oui mais non - Villeray

The Café Oui Mais Non, opened in July 2014 in Villeray, embodies a warm and comforting space that reflects the Quebecois expression “Oui, mais non” (Yes, but no). The atmosphere exudes a welcoming vibe with its wooden elements, retro furniture, and scattered books, creating a distinctive charm. Spacious, the café can accommodate up to 120 people.

The concept of Oui Mais Non is built on the idea of recreating the ambiance of home. Open every day until 11 pm, it is among the Montreal cafes that stay open late into the evening. The menu features coffee from the Italian roaster Agust, pastries from Arhoma, and comforting dishes such as vegetarian chili, with limited seasonal changes to maintain consistency. In addition to coffee and tea, microbrewery beers and white wine are also offered.

The owners, passionate about their business, emphasize fun and provide a distinctive customer experience. The success of Oui Mais Non lies in its comforting ambiance, inviting visitors to savor a good coffee in a cozy and friendly setting. A place to discover for a memorable coffee experience on Villeray Street!

4. Canard Café - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The Canard Café, a gem in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, opened its doors in 2020, offering a unique charm on Ontario Street East, inspired by a passion for comforting cuisine and third-wave coffee. Celebrating a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a meticulous approach to coffee production and preparation, Canard Café features beans sourced from Montreal-based roasters.

The diverse menu at Canard Café includes enticing breakfast options such as the “Tartine madame Canard” and delicious breakfast sandwiches. To satisfy savory cravings, a selection of sandwiches, grilled cheese, and salads is also offered. Highlights include the perfect pairing of a cappuccino with a duck confit grilled cheese.

The warm atmosphere and attentive customer service at Canard Café create an experience that makes you feel right at home. This charming spot is the perfect space to unwind after a long day of winter activities or simply to share a moment with friends. The Canard Café is a must-visit in the HOMA neighborhood!

5. Caffè Dante - Outremont

Caffè Dante, an Italian café nestled along Van Horne Street in Outremont, transports you to the heart of Italian flavors. The establishment offers an exquisite range of pastries, featuring homemade delights such as biscottis. Among the must-tries are the richly aromatic nero coffees or the creamy lattes. Come lunchtime, Caffè Dante serves delicious dishes, including sandwiches, pizzas, charcuterie, and cheeses, all meticulously prepared and presented on ciabatta bread. It’s a true culinary journey to the heart of Italy.

The friendly atmosphere makes each visit memorable, and the attentive service creates an environment where leaving with a new friend is not uncommon. For an authentic Italian getaway without leaving Outremont, be sure to make a stop at Caffè Dante.

6. Le Brûloir - Ahuntsic

Located on Fleury Street in the Ahuntsic neighborhood since 2011, Le Brûloir is a third-wave coffee shop that also roasts its own coffee at Le Labo, located just across the street. Le Brûloir’s mission is to carefully select, roast, and prepare the highest quality coffees while constantly working to enhance the overall experience. As a community hub, the café aims to create connections, inspire ideas, and play an active role in improving its local environment.

This welcoming space is also the perfect spot to stock up on coffee or savor a hot drink away from the snow. If you find yourself strolling along the snow-covered sidewalks of Fleury Street, don’t hesitate to drop by!

6. Mollo Café - The Southwest

At the heart of Pointe Saint-Charles lies Mollo: a specialty coffee shop and artisanal bakery. Since 2018, Café Mollo has been committed to fair and responsible coffee. Carefully selected from local roasters working with green beans, each sip transports from the farm to your cup, with the guarantee that the growers are happy and passionate about their craft.

Mollo offers a variety of coffees and boasts some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Montreal. But Mollo is not just a café; it’s also a shopping destination with a boutique section showcasing carefully selected local products. Supporting the local art scene, Mollo creates a space dedicated to exhibitions of works of all genres.

Since 2021, Mollo’s bakery has been enchanting the fortunate residents of Pointe-Saint-Charles with a varied selection of bread, pastries, and on-the-go lunches. An irresistible specialty from their bakery? Chocolate croissants made with real butter. A true delight for discerning palates! At Mollo, every aspect of the experience, from coffee to the bakery, is a celebration of quality and authenticity.

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