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Lundis au Soleil | Neighborhood discovery by our real estate broker Gabriel Marra

Lundis au Soleil - Villeray

Lundis au Soleil - Key informations

Sunshine of Villeray

With a chic and elegant black facade, Lundis au Soleil, located in the charming Villeray neighborhood, recently delighted us with its excellent lunch menu. Ironically, it is on March 13, 2020 that the restaurant opens its doors for the very first time, leaving its 3 co-owners quite disappointed. Fortunately for the proactive and creative team, their succulent dishes have been a hit and the “take-out” section has been able to meet the demand of the fans.

Contemporary dishes, vintage decor

Gabriel Marra, our real estate broker, is passionate about gastronomy and a connoisseur of the area. He introduced us to Lundis au Soleil. The three co-owners Charles Thibault, Karina Tétrault and Olivier Martinez welcomed us and showed us the back side of their decor. Vintage and heterogeneous in inspiration, their unique interior design inspires conviviality and a certain lightness giving the impression of being in the south of Europe. The name of the café-restaurant infuses this delicacy and joy that the place and its staff exude.

Lundis au Soleil - Villeray - Montréal

Gabriel Marra & Charles Thibault

Seasonal products

  • It is with a palpable passion that the co-owners of the place as well as the employees and their vision. Determined to cook with local ingredients and to encourage our local artisans, the team makes the most of seasonal Quebec products in the preparation of their dishes, giving them an unequalled flavor and freshness.
Lundis au Soleil - Villeray
  • Whether it’s for a morning coffee, a lunch on the go or a 5@7 with friends, Lundis au soleil will delight you with both its charming decor and its exquisite food and drink offerings! If you’re in Villeray, we definitely recommend their asparagus  and ham sandwich on grilled markouk bread ! A real treat.
  • Rain or shine, Lundis au Soleil is definitely a place to add to your “to try” list! If one thing is certain, it’s that we’ll be back to enjoy their evening menu and a natural wine while taking advantage of their lovely terrace.

Lundis au Soleil is located at 801 Jarry Street East, in Villeray.

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