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La Bête à Pain | Ahunstic

Assortiment de pains frais - La Bête à Pain à Ahuntsic

La Bête à Pain - Key Points

A gourmet address in Ahuntsic

Ahuntsic, nestled north of Montreal, is teeming with gourmet treasures waiting to be discovered. Among them, stands out a true haven for lovers of authentic flavors: La Bête à Pain. Launched in 2011 by chef Marc-André Royal, La Bête à Pain quickly established itself as a must-visit in Ahuntsic’s gastronomic landscape… and for our real estate brokers in Montreal !

Artisanal delights

Located on Fleury Street West, this bakery charms passersby with its irresistible scent of freshly baked bread, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step inside. Indulge in delectable individual pastries, among which stand out the lemon meringue pie, the chocolate royal, and the Paris-Brest. Moreover, the products evolve with the seasons and the chef’s inspirations.

La Bête à Pain also offers catering services for lunch boxes and platters. The sandwich options for the lunch boxes include the chicken Banh-mi, the Babacool, and the Soprano. Additionally, each box includes the salad of the day, a choice of beverage, and a pastry. The platters offer a variety of options such as charcuterie, smoked salmon, Quebec cheeses, crudites with aioli, fresh fruits, half-pizzas, and pastries.

If you’re as fond of little delights as our real estate brokers are, stop by their address in Ahuntsic at 114 Rue Fleury West !

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