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7 perks of living in Villeray

7 perks of living in Villeray

Villeray is a dynamic and culturally rich neighborhood where living in Montreal is a pleasure. This area stands out for its friendliness, charm, and diversity. Our real estate brokers in Montreal share with you the 7 main advantages of living in the attractive neighborhood of Villeray.

1. Enjoy a pleasant living environment

Villeray is famous for its tree-lined streets and beautiful parks, including Jarry Park, offering expansive green spaces, sports fields, bike paths, and a public pool. This neighborhood provides a pleasant living environment conducive to outdoor activities. Residents enjoy relaxing strolls or morning jogs in picturesque settings, such as Place De Castelnau, a lively pedestrian street during the summer. Additionally, Villeray is filled with independent cafes, bakeries, and local shops, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere.

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2. Experience living in a welcoming and diverse community

Villeray is renowned for its ethnic and cultural diversity, a neighborhood where communities of varied origins coexist, creating a cosmopolitan and dynamic atmosphere. For instance, Villeray Street is filled with restaurants offering a broad range of international cuisines, from Italian to Lebanese to Vietnamese, providing residents with the opportunity to experience a plethora of flavors and explore new cultures without leaving their neighborhood.

3. Benefit from increased accessibility to education and services

Villeray is home to various renowned educational institutions, spanning from kindergarten to higher education, such as Barclay School or Henri-Julien School. This diversity provides families with a range of quality educational options, simplifying the balance between work and family life. Additionally, the neighborhood offers easy access to essential services such as health centers, community facilities, libraries, and sports amenities, meeting the diverse needs of the community.

4. Enjoy a well-served neighborhood

At the heart of Montreal, Villeray benefits from a privileged location with easy access to major roadways such as Boulevard Crémazie, as well as public transportation. The neighborhood is well-served by the Jarry, Crémazie, and De Castelnau metro stations, facilitating travel to other areas of the city.

5. Live in a engaged community

Villeray shines with its friendly atmosphere and the vitality of its local community. Residents of the neighborhood have the privilege of participating in a rich array of community events, ranging from local fairs to farmers’ markets and festivities throughout the year. These moments strengthen the bonds between neighbors and enrich the social fabric, creating a warm sense of belonging.

6. Benefit from numerous investment opportunities

Villeray stands out for the remarkable density of its income properties, offering a diverse range of investment options, from duplexes to triplexes, quadruplexes, and beyond. This unique concentration creates an environment conducive to those aspiring to invest in rental properties or become owner-occupants. Its exceptional financial diversity makes it an exceptionally attractive investment location for anyone looking to broaden the range of real estate assets in their portfolio.

7. Enjoy the artistic offerings

In Villeray, the cultural and artistic scene is a vibrant tapestry of diversity throughout the year. Residents have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a thriving world of events and artistic expressions. The libraries in Villeray-Saint-MichelParc-Extension are havens for book enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of books, and the community center serves as another cultural gathering place. Similarly, bars often resonate with live concerts, showcasing emerging musical talents.

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