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7 perks of living in The Southwest

7 perks of living inThe Southwest

The Southwest captivates with its picturesque alleys, diverse architectures, and warm atmosphere. Nestled near the heart of the city, this neighborhood offers much more than just a place to live. Our real estate agents in Montreal share with you the 7 main advantages of living in the charming Southwest district.

1. Capture the elegance of industrial architecture

Anchor yourself in the industrial history of the Southwest, where former industrial neighborhoods transform into a dynamic urban landscape. The warehouses, once the economic pulse, now shape the sector with robust architecture steeped in a bygone era. The Ateliers Jean Brillant and L’Ambroisie – Espace Canal, witnesses to this evolution, add their own note to this industrial tableau. From red brick facades to steel structures, each building tells its story, providing a visual dive into the rich heritage of Montreal’s Southwest.

2. Dive into the heart of the microbrewery universe

Discover the flourishing craft beer scene of the neighborhood, where innovative microbreweries like L’Annexe St-Ambroise and Messorem emerge at every corner. These well-established local gems become friendly meeting points, offering a diversity of craft beers with unique flavors. Living here means being immersed in a lively atmosphere that fosters interactions among residents, strengthening social connections and a sense of belonging to a vibrant community.

3. Explore a dynamic artistic universe

Seize the exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic environment. The area is teeming with art galleries and ephemeral art installations, including Station F-MR, a converted train station that stands as an emblem of this artistic effervescence. These ever-transforming ephemeral spaces bring the streets of the Southwest to life, providing a vibrant canvas for its residents.

4. Enjoy access to a renowned cycling path

Seize the opportunity to reside close to the magnificent Lachine Canal bike path. This dedicated cycling route stretches along the canal’s banks, providing locals with an immersive cycling experience in the heart of urban nature. Residents can explore the treasures of Peel Basins, delve into the history of Old Montreal, and discover the culinary diversity of the Atwater Market, all while enjoying spectacular views along the way. Each stop becomes a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural richness and hidden gems of Montreal’s Southwest.

5. Savor the richness of local gastronomy

Immerse yourself in the enchanting culinary scene of the Southwest, a unique Montreal neighborhood that stands as an undeniable advantage for its privileged residents. Indulge in the welcoming atmosphere of Arthur’s Nosh Bar, a must-visit for savory-sweet delights with Middle Eastern flavors, while exploring the diversity of local products at the Atwater Market. Whether in intimate establishments or iconic addresses, the variety of gastronomic options seems endless, providing a culinary experience as rich as it is diverse in this corner of the metropolis.

Source : Uber Eats – Arthur’s Nosh Bar

6. Benefit from a well-connected neighborhood

Simplify your commute with a carefully crafted public transportation network, including stations such as Lionel-Groulx, Charlevoix, Atwater, and Georges-Vanier. For drivers, take advantage of well-planned road options like Notre-Dame Street and Atwater Avenue, providing convenient and efficient routes to downtown. Additionally, a cycling path runs through the area, offering an eco-friendly and well-thought-out alternative for your transportation needs.

7. Harmonize family life

Benefit from proximity to quality schools such as École secondaire Saint-Henri, École primaire Saint-Zotique, and De la Petite-Bourgogne. The ease of access to these institutions not only enhances daily commutes but also strengthens the sense of community within the neighborhood. This closeness notably contributes to making the Southwest a preferred residential area for families.

Source : CSSDM – École Saint-Henri

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