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A historic district of the English-speaking community in Montreal, this sector of the island is very popular with expatriates. Close to downtown, there are large mature trees, prestigious homes on the heights of Mount Royal, luxury boutiques and prestigious schools. Located on the mountainside, as its name suggests, Westmount remains independent of the city of Montreal. Whether through language, origins, architecture or even town planning, there is a certain reminder of Anglo-Saxon culture.

What makes Westmount so special is its building stock. The abundance of Georgian or Queen Anne style property with red bricks is reminiscent of a certain bourgeoisie of yesteryear. To the south, in Lower Westmount, there are large luxury apartments as well as charming little houses lined up. Up the Côte St-Antoine there are large villas and manors offering a breathtaking view of Montreal. A large number of green spaces, including Westmount Park, give the area a more rural feel.

The residents of Westmount proudly reveal themselves as “Westmountais.” This demonym reflects an atmosphere where understated elegance seamlessly blends with timeless aesthetics, distinguishing this unique corner of Montreal. Being a “Westmountais” means belonging to a warm and welcoming community, where local history meets natural charm.

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