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7 perks of living in Outremont

7 avantages de vivre dans Outremont

Outremont is a neighborhood located in the central-west part of Montreal. With its rich architectural heritage, green parks, vibrant cultural life, and friendly atmosphere, Outremont is a true gem that attracts residents and visitors in search of an exceptional quality of life. Our real estate brokers in Montreal share with you the 7 main advantages of living in the peaceful neighborhood of Outremont.

1. Reside in a neighborhood with unique architectural charm

Outremont is renowned for its picturesque architecture, featuring beautiful Victorian houses, tree-lined streets, and green spaces. The Victorian houses, mainly constructed in the 19th century, embody the elegance and sophistication of that era. These Victorian homes remain highly sought after today, both by local residents and architecture enthusiasts. Many of them have been lovingly restored, preserving the history and heritage of Outremont. Residents appreciate the historical character of the neighborhood, adding a touch of charm and beauty to their everyday surroundings

2. Live in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood

The neighborhood is home to many families who choose to settle there for its proximity to schools, as well as its safety. Indeed, safety is one of the main characteristics of Outremont. Residents appreciate strolling on foot or by bike through the neighborhood with a sense of tranquility. Local authorities ensure the maintenance of a safe environment and provide adequate security and surveillance services.

3. Be in proximity to schools

The neighborhood also houses excellent public and private schools, as well as daycare facilities, allowing families to have access to quality education for their children close to home. Among the renowned schools in the area is École Lajoie, a public elementary school offering enriching learning experiences. Collège Stanislas, a co-educational private school, provides high-level education from kindergarten to secondary. The institution is known for its academic excellence, rigorous pedagogical approach, and commitment to language and arts education.

4. Benefit from a well-served neighborhood by public transportation

By metro, Outremont is served by the Montreal Metro’s Blue Line, with two nearby stations: Outremont station and Acadie station. These stations provide quick and easy access to downtown Montreal and other significant neighborhoods in the city. By bus, it is also convenient to travel with several bus lines connecting to other areas of the city. Outremont is well-equipped for cyclists as well. It is connected to a network of bike paths that allow safe cycling and the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the neighborhood while staying active.

5. Be at the heart of cultural and artistic life

Outremont offers a rich cultural and artistic life, housing theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and libraries, making it a dynamic and lively neighborhood for culture enthusiasts. The Théâtre Outremont is a historical gem in the area. Inaugurated in 1929, Théâtre Outremont is a renowned performance venue, offering an eclectic and high-quality program throughout the year. It hosts theatrical performances, classical music concerts, jazz and world music events, contemporary dance shows, and many other captivating artistic performances.

The neighborhood also boasts several art galleries showcasing the talent of local and international artists. These galleries regularly organize exhibitions of contemporary art, photography, sculpture, and painting, providing residents with a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate different forms of artistic expression.

Outremont’s municipal library, the Robert-Bourassa Library, is a cultural hub in the neighborhood. In addition to its extensive book catalog, this library offers literary activities, conferences, author meetings, and workshops for both children and adults, contributing to the promotion of reading and access to culture.

6. Enjoy a variety of restaurants and local shops

Outremont offers a selection of local shops, trendy cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. The main commercial arteries of the neighborhood are Avenue Van Horne and Avenue Bernard. The latter is lined with a variety of independent boutiques, international restaurants, charming cafes, and specialty stores. It exudes a warm and authentic atmosphere, far from major commercial chains. Residents enjoy strolling, shopping, savoring a good meal, or gathering for coffee in this welcoming environment.

7. Enjoy numerous green spaces

The neighborhood is teeming with parks and green spaces, providing ideal spots for picnics, outdoor cultural events, and family gatherings. Among the most popular parks in the area are Pratt Park, Beaubien Park, Joyce Park, and Saint-Viateur Park. With tennis courts and running tracks, Pratt Park is well-loved for sports and outdoor activities. Beaubien Park, with its well-maintained gardens and winding trails, also features a playground for children, making it a perfect spot for entertainment. Joyce Park, on the other hand, is a peaceful green space with a large lawn, majestic trees, and walking paths—a nature getaway in the heart of the city. Lastly, Saint-Viateur Park offers recreational facilities for all ages, including basketball courts, playgrounds, ping-pong tables, and an area dedicated to giant board games. It’s a friendly space for families and friends looking to spend time together outdoors.

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