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7 perks of living in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (HOMA)

7 perks of living in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
7 perks of living in HOMA

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, affectionately nicknamed ‘HoMa’ by locals, is a lively neighborhood in Montreal that combines history, culture, and urban renewal. At the heart of this Montreal mosaic are dynamic streets, green parks, a thriving artistic scene, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Our team of real estate agents in Montreal shares with you the 7 main advantages of living in the vibrant neighborhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

1. Live in a blossoming neighborhood

HOMA has recently undergone a revitalization marked by new residential developments, the renovation of public spaces, and an overall improvement in infrastructure. Notably, the creation of the bike path along Notre-Dame Street contributes to making this area a continuously evolving place. Redesigned public spaces, such as Lancelette Park with the addition of water features, have become vibrant gathering points where the community comes together to connect, celebrate, and enjoy a revitalized setting.

2. Enjoy affordable living costs

Rooted in this dynamic community, HOMA maintains moderate living costs, providing an appealing alternative for those seeking to escape the financial pressures of neighboring districts. This financial accessibility creates a unique balance between urban vibrancy and economic comfort, making HOMA an attractive place for a diverse range of residents.

3. Reside in proximity to downtown Montreal

The proximity of HOMA to downtown Montreal is a major asset that enhances its appeal. Residents of the neighborhood enjoy easy and quick access to business centers, cultural institutions, and iconic landmarks in the heart of the city. With efficient public transportation, including the Préfontaine, Pie-IX, Frontenac, and Joliette metro stations facilitating travel, as well as well-connected roadways, this connectivity offers urban living without the constraints of downtown. Thus, residents can experience the vibrancy of the metropolis and find tranquility and community upon returning to the neighborhood.

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4. Immerse yourself in the heart of cultural richness

The streets of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve resonate with the rhythm of dynamic festivals that celebrate diversity in all its forms. Captivating art exhibitions fill local galleries, providing a visual feast for art enthusiasts. At the heart of this buzz, the Maisonneuve Market stands out as a true gem of the community. Its aisles are filled with colorful stalls offering fresh foods, unique artisanal products, and a variety of culinary delights.

5. Foster an engaged community

Community engagement in HOMA is manifested through local initiatives, such as the creation of FIL (Local Initiatives Fund). Recently, selected projects were unveiled during a festive event at L’Archipel des méduses, near Beauclerk Park, bringing together residents, partners, and workers. The initiatives encompass a variety of projects, including community gardens like the Maisonneuve garden, collaborative artistic projects, or dedicated volunteer groups working to enhance the daily lives of residents.

6. Benefit from easy access to coworking spaces and collaborative initiatives

HOMA, as a vibrant neighborhood, offers you multiple coworking spaces, business incubators, and collaborative initiatives fostering entrepreneurship and creativity. This creates an environment conducive to innovation and provides residents with opportunities for professional networking within their community, thereby enhancing the potential for professional and entrepreneurial development in the neighborhood. The Richmond 1861 Salon and the Quartier Général – Collaborative Space are two concrete examples of these initiatives.

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Source : Le quartier général – Espaces collaboratif 

7. Be surrounded by parks and green spaces

Enjoy an exceptional natural setting with the proximity of parks and green spaces. Seasons redefine your environment in HOMA, allowing you to savor winter cross-country skiing in the expanses of Maisonneuve Park and transition to a pleasant summer run, especially in the green surroundings of the Botanical Garden. Thus, HOMA becomes an urban enclave where natural tranquility is always within reach.

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