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Receptionist Felix Mercier

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Félix Mercier

Félix Mercier-Réceptionniste-Équipe YES SARRAZIN

About Félix Mercier


Holder of a certificate in administration and currently a student in the Bachelor of Marketing Communication program at UQAM, Félix has accumulated training in psychology, administration, and marketing. Previously responsible for business development in a startup that developed an interactive online training program on mental health, he actively participated in promoting the company’s product. Over the years, Félix has gained extensive sales experience and developed exceptional customer service skills.

His desire to explore a new field and his growing interest in real estate led him to join the team. Félix aims to excel in this dynamic environment, which requires undeniable rigor and attention to detail. As a receptionist, he provides crucial support to the administrative team, including the necessary preparation for numerous marketing activities, answering calls, managing client emails, and various other related tasks. For Felix, this represents an exciting challenge where he can acquire new knowledge and continue to develop his professionalism in the complex world of real estate.

Optimistic, persistent, and curious, Félix is a quick learner who values collaboration and has a great team spirit. With his sociable nature, infectious good humor, and insatiable thirst for learning, Félix is an excellent ally within our administrative support team!

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