New condos in Montreal

It’s undeniable: Montreal is booming! Its social and cultural development, unmatched in North America, the constant improvement of its transportation systems to make them more environmentally friendly, and its urban revitalization make it an innovative city. The city is transforming itself at the same rate as its population, as the multitude of small local businesses and the greening of its neighbourhoods make clear. The significant increase in new condominium projects in recent years has certainly contributed to the excitement that can be felt throughout the city.

This resolutely urban type of dwelling is a perfect fit for contemporary needs and ways of life. Year after year, the daring and creativity of local architects and entrepreneurs bring forth delightful structures and projects designed for modern living. New constructions set themselves apart from older buildings through their use of technology, their ecological preoccupations, and their contemporary aesthetic. In this space, I will present the most thrilling offers and not-to-be-missed projects. Each in their own way, these dwellings for all tastes offer terrific innovations that contribute to making their neighbourhoods more dynamic.

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Live your life in the heart of Montreal’s emblematic neighbourhood

Live your life in the heart of Montreal’s emblematic neighbourhood at the intersections of Saint-Denis Street and Mont Royal Avenue. Whether you’ll explore the city by car or bike, on foot or by metro, Univert Plateau opens the way towards experiences that are unique to Montreal. 

Eco-project with an innovative

ARDESIA is the Italian word which means “slate”. Slate will be present in the project, especially in the impressive common entrance leading to the interior courtyard. Wood, stone and metal will also be integrated into the project, with an impeccable finish.

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