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Residence 5175 Chambord

5175 Chambord Street

|Architectural Project in the Heart of Petit Laurier|

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A unique property in the heart of Petit Laurier

Residence 5175 Chambord is an architectural project where the recently reconstructed house has preserved its original structure while enhancing the floor height, providing a completely redesigned living space. This project emerged from a deep inspiration to breathe life into a facade while scrupulously adhering to the historical criteria of the house. Materials and colors were carefully chosen to harmonize with the surrounding environment.

The goal was to create a cohesive aesthetic while injecting contemporary elements. The terracotta red color, representative of the facade, was meticulously integrated into the interior, particularly in key elements such as the staircase or windows, bringing a warm visual continuity.

At the heart of the apartment is the staircase, transformed into a centerpiece with perforated steel railings combined with white oak furniture. In the living room, the use of fluted glass creates subtle privacy between rooms. This combination produces a light effect, allowing the infiltration of natural light.

In the bathroom, ochre-yellow ceramic, a warm hue, contrasts with gray tiles, creating a vibrant ambiance. The ochre color theme continues with a backsplash in the kitchen, providing visual coherence throughout the house, evoking a welcoming atmosphere.

The design extends outdoors with a private rooftop terrace equipped with planting boxes, inviting nature to merge with the living space. The kitchen, located on the second floor, shares the floor with the rooftop terrace, offering a direct connection between the culinary space and the outdoor area.

Residence 5175 Chambord has been meticulously designed to blend the old and the new, creating a refined living space where history intertwines with innovation, forming a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment

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A Project by _naturehumaine

_naturehumaine : firme d'architecture à Montréal

_naturehumaine is an architecture and design firm based in Montreal. The agency holds the vision that architecture is at the center of our lives and serves as a medium regulating our interactions with the world. The architecture firm undertakes a variety of projects with the goal of designing dynamic and inspiring living spaces. These spaces aim to positively contribute to the development of individuals and communities.

From private residences and multi-unit housing to shops and museums, the projects are diverse. Indeed, _naturehumaine makes each project unique and showcases it to its full potential. Innovative and unconventional projects? _naturehumaine enjoys breaking away from the beaten path. The agency has, in fact, received numerous awards for the quality and originality of the projects undertaken.

Residence 5175 Chambord - A peaceful lifestyle

The fusion between the culinary space and the outdoor area

About this unit

In a space designed by _naturehumaine, high-quality materials have been used. Aluminum windows provide durability and aesthetics, a perforated steel staircase is both elegant and functional, and a heated oak plank floor brings warmth and refinement, highlighting the perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless functionality


  • Architectual Project
  • Spacious Contemporary Unit on 2 Floors
  • Open-concept Living Spaces
  • Abundant Fenestration


  • Heated Flooring Throughout the Property
  • Oak Plank Flooring
  • High-End Materials
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Perforated steel railing
  • Living Room with Frosted Glass


  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Air Conditioning
  • Light Fixtures

Outdoor Spaces

  • A spacious cedar rooftop terrace

A location in the heart of Petit Laurier

Living in Petit Laurier means residing in a peaceful atmosphere within an urban setting.

Groceries, restaurants, cafes, and charming shops—Petit Laurier, a unique neighborhood, provides its residents with the benefits of the city through the abundance and proximity of its businesses and major arteries, all in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Both youthful and family-oriented, this distinctive neighborhood creates a warm, convivial, and vibrant living space.

Public Transportation

  • Laurier Metro Station
  • 27 Boulevard Saint-Joseph
  • 427 Express Saint-Joseph
  • 14 Atateken
  • 47 Masson


  • Paul-Bruchési Elementary School
  • Saint-Étienne Elementary School
  •  Laurier School
  • Saint-Pierre-Claver Elementary School
  • Père-Marquette High School

Walk Score : 83

Numerous services and shops within walking distance.

Bike Score : 100

Many services and shops within walking distance.

Green Spaces Nearby

  • Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park
  • De Lorimier Park
  • Père-Marquette Park

Dans un rayon de 1 kilomètre

  • Groceries
  • Fruit Stores
  • Butcher Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Dairy Shops

The must-visit places in the area

A wide range of products and services are available in Petit Laurier.

Here’s a glimpse of two favorite addresses to discover in the area: Stella Pizzeria and Nikkei MTL.

Stella Pizzeria - Authentic Italian flavors

At the corner of Rue de Lanaudière and Laurier Avenue E is Stella Pizzeria. This neighborhood pizzeria offers Italian dishes crafted by Chef Alessandro. His cuisine showcases the delights of Puglia, his hometown in Italy, through dishes that highlight traditional flavors reimagined with creativity.

Stella Pizzeria‘s reputation is built on the excellence of its pizza, with a crispy, light, and flavorful crust resulting from unparalleled craftsmanship. Each ingredient is carefully selected to top these pizzas. Among the must-try dishes are also homemade ravioli and Eggplant Parmigiana. In terms of beverages, the carefully crafted cocktail menu and wine selection perfectly complement this Italian feast.

This place, where traditional recipes blend with contemporary creativity, is a must-visit for any lover of exquisite Italian cuisine, where passion and authenticity come together seamlessly.

Nikkei MTL Restaurant - Peruvian-Japanese fusion

Opened in 2022, Nikkei restaurant offers a refined and captivating culinary experience. The Nikkei restaurant menu showcases a variety of dishes that seamlessly blend Japanese and Peruvian influences. From sushi to tiraditos, sashimi to ceviches, each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail and flavor balance.

The cocktails at Nikkei often blend traditional ingredients from both cultures, creating unique and refreshing beverages. The subtle flavors and artistic presentations of the cocktails perfectly complement the meal.

Whether for a special occasion, a dinner with friends, or an intimate meal, Nikkei restaurant provides a memorable culinary experience that combines tradition and innovation, inviting guests to explore a unique fusion of flavors and culture.

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